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Stained Glass Yarn & Award Winning Fleeces

Gail, of GN'R Alpaca boutique created a stained-glass yarn by spinning 50% alpaca which she plyed with a hand-dyed alpaca.

She buys her fibre from an Ontario breeder. The fleeces are from sheep that were breed on the farm in Ontario, that was originally hers before they sold and moved to Oliver. She buys the ribbon winning blankets after they have been to competition and win ribbons, She prepares and processes the fibre , then often sends it to a mill to have roving made. She then spins the rovings.

The new lot of Yarn, that is available in her shop in Oliver is fibre she had prepared, and sent to the mill. The mill spun the fibre into variegated Lopi, single ply yarn.

As the yarn is originally from ribbon winning fleeces and well prepared, it is a high quality, super amazingly soft yarn.


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2 comentarios

27 abr 2022

I love the look of this yarn!

Me gusta

Diane Goossens
Diane Goossens
09 abr 2022

These look beautiful Gail. Congratulations on the quality of your fleeces.

Me gusta
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