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Discover Fiber Arts Rescources

Fibre arts is an evolving process of learning, experimenting,

trying out new techniques and perfecting what you already know.

Part of the mandate of the guild is to share our resources, our experiences and our talents. 

Ponderosa Fibre Arts Guild  - Member's Websites

Weaving Education Resources


  • Guild of Canadian Weavers   Subscription with The Bulletin' mailed out quarterly, interesting/education articles & drafts and samples included.  There's a library you can borrow from, scholarships offered and annual weaving challenges.

  • Jane Stafford School of Weaving  Learn to weave with Jane Stafford - Subscription based   online Canadian weaver who presents a series of instructional lessons where weavers learn at their own pace to weave on 4 shaft looms or continue on their weaving journey.

  • Handweaving  a subscription based website providing digital resources for all weavers: over 75,000 drafts, thousands of historic weaving documents, weaving tools, and more.  

  • Weaving Courses.  Subscription based access to more than 145 video courses on spinning, weaving, needleworking, felting, and dyeing.

  • Complex Weavers.  Annual subscription, amazing resource for weavers using 8 shafts and beyond.

  • GIST yarn educational resources. searchable site with many freely available  weaving resources for the beginner weaver.  

Weaving Magazines


Weaving Software


Miscellaneous Weaving Information


Weaving Blogs and Webpages


Weaving Guilds and Organizations


Weaving Yarn Suppliers


Specialty US Suppliers:

  • Miller Girls Luxury and Rare Fiber Yarn shop A family run shop with rare natural fiber yarns and unspun fiber.   Their stock changes frequently because their fibers are rare.

  • Miller Girls Rare yarn and Fibers

  • Treenway Silks Silk experts and hand-dyeing specialist since 1977, They have silk yarn, thread, ribbon, and fibers. 


Painted Warps and Yarns US Suppliers 

Felting Resources


Fibre Suppliers For Feltign and Spinning


Fabric and Dyes


Dyeing resources



  • Ball Browsers

  • Bubble Wrap - any hardware store; moving stores

  • Plastic Sheets - Thin painters' plastic sheets available at dollar stores and hardware stores

  • Pool Noodles - Dollar stores

  • Olive Oil Soaps - Many Mediterrean markets have inexpensive bar; unscented best to decrease allergies

  • Resists - Flooring underlay available from hardware stores; heavy plastics also work

Felting Needles


Felting Education - Books and magazines

Felting Instagram Accounts/Blogs



Knitting Supplies Local


  • Spin off Magazine has lots of online articles. Also have copies in the Guild Library 

  • See felting fibre resources for roving suppliers

  • - short concise information of spinning, wheels, techniques, fibre prep. Basically everything you need to know. They also have a YouTube channel with lots of videos 

Other Fibre Arts Resources 


Local Fibre Art Links


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