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Two New Classes in July

The Ponderosa Fiber Arts Guild has evolved through the years. In the beginning we taught mainly spinning and weaving classes, then we branched out into wet felting and needle felting, and now we are able to provide mixed media textile arts classes. Whatever the medium, it is always fun to step into your creative self and explore things you may never tried before. We are offering 2 classes in July, that do just that.

Fibre Journal Collage - July 15 , 2023

Judith Mueller is a mixed media visual artist, who explores all mediums and has fun doing it.

Do you have a space where you keep things that mean something to you, but don’t know what to do with them? Have you got a stash of fiber, or paper, or things that need a place to be?

Mixed Media collage or Stitched and Collaged Memories or Mixed Media Fibre Stories is a great way to combine those “things” and create an inspiration for a wall piece, or a junk journal or an addition to a bigger work.

We will explore using fabric, paper, paint, stitching, gluing, and odds and bits to create a meaningful piece that you can take home.

It is a day of exploration, creativity and fun, a way to conserve some memories or just create an interesting piece to use in a junk journal.

Embroider a Personal Patch – July 23, 2023

Join Nikki Bose, a trained Jungian Life coach, for this creative embroidery workshop. In this class participants will be lead through a visualization (like a meditation) to gain a message from our unconscious mind. You will be shown how to create an embroidered patch to bring this symbol or message to life. There will be opportunities to share and discuss what came up for you in the visualization. Basic embroidery or sewing skills would be helpful, but are not necessary.

Often we are given symbols in dreams or throughout the day that we may not understand. Yet, somehow we know there is meaning to them. Creating a personalized patch can help you keep the symbol with you and remind you to work with it and tease apart its message.


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Shirley Addams
Shirley Addams
Jun 23, 2023

What are the prices for these two workshops! Thanks so much.

Replying to

Here is the link to the page with the descriptions. The Patch is $65 and the Fibre Journal is $75.00

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