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Next Step Rigid Heddle

I love, love plain weave. It is perfect for so many projects.

Hand dyed warps look amazing, coloured stipes just pop

and if you want to practice mediative, mindfulness

weaving there is nothing like plain weave.

But have you tried using a pickup stick? A pickup stick can explode your weaving world.

Rigid Heddle Looms like what you can purchase today have been around for about 100 years. And at it’s most basic it is a two-shaft loom and plain weave is woven on two shafts. But its capabilities are surprising and very pleasing to new weavers.

In this workshop, we expand the capabilities of the Rigid Heddle Loom by adding a pickup stick, learn a different method of plain weave called Clasp Weft Weaving and complete three projects with one warp. A full day of fun and learning. If you do not have a loom, the guild has looms available for workshops.

What are pickup sticks? They are just like stick shuttles except they have a rounded or flat end and a pointed end. The pointed end makes it easier to pick up threads and go under others. When we use a pickup stick, it creates an extra shed (or 2) so it becomes possible to do more than plain weave. If you do not have a pickup stick, you can use a stick shuttle in its place.

Clasped weft weaving can be a great “next step” for those who are newer weavers. It allows one to play with colours and be a little adventurous. We will be using two colours but in Clasp Weft Weaving you can clasp three or four different colours.

By interlocking two different coloured weft threads you can create a project that looks extravagant but really is simple.

Recommendations for good results:

1.    Contrast weft colours

2.    Same weight yarns

3.    Variegated yarns work well

4.    You can use your warp colour as one of the weft choices.

The workshop will consist of weaving three face cloths from cotton or cotton blend:

1.    Waffle Weave technique with pickup stick.

2.    Waffle Weave with pickup stick with a technique to add a border.

3.    Two colour clasp weft weaving.

Waffle Weave with Border Waffle Weave Clasp Weft Weaving

Woven face cloths make lovely gifts. Add a bar of homemade soap and you have a gift for someone special.

Our Rigid Heddle Class fill up quickly, contact us if you are interested and can't find a class -

Patricia Roberts, Fibre Artist


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