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‘Black Watch’ Spruce

Pictures of the the Black Spruce trees intrigued me…. then the thoughts came up...Upcycling wool….possible display tree.

Then I was gifted an old kilt. My project was set in motion.

I cut the kilt into strips of wool fabric, I fringed them, and then wrapped around wire branches. Each branch is attached to the tree trunk with glue and tape. Then the tree is attached to a base, and it’s complete. (Instructions and videos are available on the web)

I’m excited, my critters have a new spot to hang out! Come and see them at the guid artisan sale on November 18th - Judy V


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2 comentários

03 de out. de 2023

What a great idea, Judy. It's just perfect for your critters.


Judy this is sooooo cute! And what a great idea for displaying your work at the sale! Plus upcycling textiles…triple win!

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