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Sock Blank Dyeing

What is a sock blank?  Would you like to try painting one yourself? The Class is on January 28, 2024, click here to register

A sock blank is made of sock yarn (80% merino 20%nylon) that has been knit into a rectangle with 2 strand of yarn. You then dye the yarn, pull it apart, roll it into 2 separate balls of yarn and then knit 2 identical pair of scocks.This is a different way to apply dye to yarn that can result in interesting effects. Since the bank is knit with 2 strands at the same time you will be able to knit matching socks or any other pattern that calls for fingering weight yarn  

How to dye them?  

Wool and other protein fibres are died with acid dyes. I pre-mix all my dye into a 1% solution and paint them directly onto the fabric. Then the dye is set with a heat source; like a microwave, iron, or placed in a sunny location on a hot day.  

When you undo the sock blank to make your project, you will get the same colours but in a different order.

Let me explain with some pictures  

Here are 2 dyed sock blanks, the top one will result in a final object that fades from blue to red and into black. The bottom one will be stripes. Depending on your stitch count, the stripes could be thicker or thinner then originally painted on the sock blank.    

This sock blank is painted to resemble a planetary nebula. What you knit from this will have sections of black and coloured areas but they will line up differently. Seeing how the colours change as you work is part of the fun. 

Here is a reproduction of a child’s drawing that I reproduced on a sock blank and below is a picture of fabric knit up into a shawl. This sock blank was created with one continuous strand of yarn. You can see all the colours just in a different order.

 The top of the shawl starts with the black end near the apple tree. You would never be able to tell what the originally picture was, but the person who knit the shawl will forever remember the story.   

Here is a sock blank that was dyed with a message for a friend. These make great gifts for friends because you can send them a personalized message that only they will know about once the piece is worked up into something else.   

Below is what the yarn looks like when it is separated into a skein. Painting the dye onto pre knit fabric  allows for really short areas of colour that create a interesting sprinkle effect of colour.   

These pair of socks are knit from a sock blank  


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