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Sienna Maker Jacket meets Sashiko

This Sienna Maker Jacket from Closet Core Patterns features sashiko stitching in a range of traditional and contemporary motifs.

It was started on December 22, 2022 and completed on April 7, 2023, and used approximately 160 metres of sashiko embroidery thread!

The garment pieces were embroidered on the denim fabric before being sewn together and it was a bit tricky anticipating not only the seam allowances, but also how the garment would fold and hang once it was completed.

The bamboo motif on the jacket front and sleeves has special symbolism for Sandra, marking the growth and renewal that comes from her retirement in September.

Sandra K

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1 Comment

Oct 13, 2023

Stunning! So beautiful. What a project, Sandra. ❤️

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