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My Personal Bee Ambassador

When a friend who is mad about bees asked me to teach her how to felt, it was inevitable that we felt something that focused on bees. The attached two trivets are the outcome of our time together.

Kelly is an encaustic painter - a technique involving hot tinted wax as the medium - it requires skill and patience. We used two of Kelly's encaustic pictures of bees as our models; the iridescent Sweat Bee and the more well known Central Bumblebee. Doilies, nuno prefelts, silk fibre, and yarn were added as surface design.

Felting bees is a poignant reminder of the importance of bees for the health of our planet and our need to protect them. So as my Bee Ambassador friend reminds the fall season approaches, don't rake all your garden litter or cut your plant stems to the ground. Give the bees ample places to overwinter in the soil and stems until the earth warms up and they re emerge in late spring.

written by Diane G


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