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New Piece: "Out of Sorts"

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Original work "Out of Sorts" by fibre artist Diane Goosens
"Out of Sorts" by Diane Goosens

I recently attended the online live broadcast of the Handweavers Guild of America Textiles & Tea interview with Peggy Wiedemann. A California artist, Peggy does coiling with pine needles and a variety of other materials.

For sometime I've been wanting to experiment with the combination of pine needle coiling and felt. Peggy's creation was an inspiration to finally put thought into action. I had a nuno-felted vase that I had made alongside a friend who was learning to nuno felt. This became the base.

The recent wind storm in the Okanagan provided more than an ample supply of needles in my backyard. A few You-tube videos later along with some waxed linen thread and I added a pine needle edge to my felted vase. I have a lot to learn but it felt good to finally bring this thought to fruition. "Out of sorts" seems to be an appropriate name for the piece given these extraordinary times.


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