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Needle Felting Faces

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

This year I challenged myself to learn more about needle-felting realistic faces, through books and experiments. I started with the male hockey player, completing the head first and working towards the feet. The result was issues with proportion as well as a static body.

The female hockey player was next. The wire armature gave her the ability to move, solved the proportion issues, but completing the face was difficult. These pieces are about 4 inches tall.

The large Santa, approximately 9 inches tall, also has a wire armature. His face, and look has a bit of ‘old world’ charm. He is dressed in wet felted clothing and carries a fully jointed mini bear. The last Santa (6 inches tall) is my favourite. His face has a cheeky smile that invites one to smile back. In hind sight, I wish that I had added a wire armature.

My journey, with realistic faces, has been interesting and will continue in 2021. ​Judy Vos


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