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Hebridean Houndstooth check journey!

Here's my Hebridean journey!

I wound an 8-yard warp to weave a traditional black and white Houndstooth Check for coat yardage. The black yarn is from Black Hebridean sheep from North Uist, Outer Hebrides and was milled by UIST WOOL on Grimsay. I bought this precious yarn while visiting my family at Grimsay, North Uist, Outer Hebrides, a few years ago and have been hoarding it in my stash ever since. The white yarn is from our own flock here in Canada. The Black Hebridean yarn is so inky black, it's very hard to photograph.

The warp has been wound and I'm beaming on.

The Houndstooth check has started! I'll do a small sample and full it to see if my set is right.

Finally . . . six and a half yards off the loom. Next step is fulling the fabric, getting it prepared for sewing into a coat.


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