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Finally - School Program is Back On

The Ponderosa Fibre Arts Guild has been offering a 2 hour, hands-on, spinning and weaving program to Grade 3 students since the early 2000’s. As we have so many classes apply, we use a lottery system to choose the 6 classes that come to the RCA for this program. The students are taught the basic principles of preparing wool from shearing to a finished project.

With the help of 6 Guild volunteers and parent volunteers from the class, each student gets a chance to spin some wool using the spinning wheels, weave a sample on the table looms for their classroom and do a small card weaving project that they can take home.

All of the students enjoy the program and it gives our Guild an opportunity to pass on some of our knowledge, to the younger generation of the fibre arts.

Due to Covid restrictions lifting, we are able to offer 4 sessions this year. We look forward to creating our full program again next year.


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